Brennan Rogers Magnet School
Brennan Rogers Magnet School
pre-K - 8
200 Wilmot Rd
New Haven, CT 06515
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Kimberly Daniley

Brennan Rogers Magnet School

About Brennan Rogers Magnet School

Brennan-Rogers : The Art of Communication and Media is a public Magnet School located in the West Rock section of New Haven with a student population of approximately 200 students. The school campus has one building that houses grades PreK through Grade 8.

Our school community is built upon our CREW philosophy of Collaboration, Resilience, Empathy, and Work. We provide students with a specialized curriculum that focuses on communication and media as our window to basic literacy and academic excellence.

Students at Brennan-Rogers are embraced as individuals with the ability to learn and achieve. Our staff meets them with high expectations and provides relevant, engaging and effective teaching. We prepare our students to achieve at their maximum capacity with the competencies and character to become meaningful citizens of their communities.

About our Schoolyard

Brennan Rogers School includes a learning garden, a pollinator garden, and a native species habitat. The school is located across the street from the West River, and a short walk from West Rock State Park, where a hiking trail connects to Common Ground.


Students may use this diagram to identify parts of an earthworm.
Little-known secret: Almost every earthworm in most of the U.S. came from somewhere else. Native earthworms all but disappeared more than 10,000 years ago, when glaciers from a Pleistocene ice age wiped them out. A few survived further south. But... read more
Life Cycle of an Earthworm From Life cycle of the earthworm, Used under CC BY- NC.
Photographs of students participating in the activity
Worksheet for students in grades 2-5